CS 301: Social Implications of Computer Technology

Course Syllabus

Spring, 2023

Section 1001: 1-1:50am Mon; TBE B-176

Section 1002: 1-1:50pm Wed; TBE B-176

Section 1003: 10-10:50am Tues; TBE B-176

Prof. Hal Berghel; office: TBE B-378A; phone: 702-895-2441;

pick one: {hal.berghel \\unlvdomain, hlb \ \acm/ /org, hlb \ \computer/ /org }

office hours: Monday-Friday - 8:30 am to 9:50 am and by appointment

Teaching Assistants: Kelvin Do (dok7@unlv.nevada.edu), Hasan Arikan (arikan@unlv.nevada.edu

Course Description:

Examination of ethical and social issues relating to the use of computing and networking technology. Discussion of social trends and their possible effects. Review and discussion of the ACM Code of Ethics for computing professionals.

General notes:

  1. the Syllabus for this course will be maintained on the instructor's website at www.berghel.net/sat
  2. Assigned readings will be provided as an ONLINE TEXT. come from online resources, many if not most of which were written by the instructor - think of them collectively as the course textbook. There may be an occasional external resource as well.  In either case, URLs for the readings will be clearly identified as such in this syllabus. Time permitting, I will discuss all reading assignments in the lectures. However, you will be responsible for all reading assignments whether or not they are discussed in the lectures.
  3. Test questions covering the reading assinments are available in the class STUDY GUIDE . All exam questions will come from this study guide. If an assigned reading is not covered in the study guide, there will be no questions on that reading on an exam. (Note that I use this study guide for several classes, so not all study guide content relates to CS301).
    1. The current UNLV policies that govern instruction are posted on the website of the The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost at https://www.unlv.edu/policies/students.
    2. In addition, these resources may be of interest::
      1. Writing Center Statement
      2. Tutoring Availability
      3. UNLV Annual Security Report
      4. UNLV campus police crime log
      5. UNLV Institutional Metrics
    3. Additional University Policies: https://www.unlv.edu/policies/additional
  5. Supplementary course references (f.y.i.):
    1. Jaron Lanier, Ten Arguments for Deleting your Social Media Accounts Right Now, Picador reprint, 2019.
    2. Richard Spinello, Cyberethics: Morality and Law in Cyberspace, 7th ed., Jones and Bartlett, 2021.
  6. FORMATS for written work. For CS301, provide references for all non-original material. Quotation according to the principles of "fair use" under the U.S. Copyright laws apply. i.e., quoting and identifying a source is acceptable, plagiarizing a source is not. Any student found to have plagiarized will receive an "F" for the assignment. If you have any questions about this policy, consult with the instructor.
  7. GRADING SCALE: Grading will be on a standard "university scale," i.e., 90-100=A; 80-89=B; etc. The contribution of exams, homework, projects, etc. will vary but will be explained in the syllabus at the time of assignment.
  8. Your FINAL GRADE will be determined by:

    -or, in the case of exceptional circumstances (e.g., audio or visual impairment) - and with the permission of the instructor-

What you will need for your presentation:

  1. A small USB memory stick formatted in either NTFS or FAT32 (preferred) for your presentation slides. I recommend against accessing your slides from a cloud service because of the delays involved. If you choose to download your slides from a network resource, understand that the time spent accessing your slides will be deducted from the 10 minutes provided for your talk.
  2. You will need access to a computer that can be used to prepare your presentation slides. The UNLV Office of IT has Windows labs for students on campus. Alternative formats such as PDF are acceptable so long as OIT can confirm that they can be rendered by the classroom computer.
  3. Only hardcopy will be accepted (these documents will be retained for ABET accreditation purposes). To minimize the amount of paper used, you must submit the slides "handout style" 4 or 6 to a page, double sided. Failure to use handout style will result in a 25% grade penalty. The course TA will provide advice on how to print handout style should you need help.

ABET Course Outcomes:


(reminder: When UNLV closes during the classweek, students are advised to attend other sections. You are still responsible for the material covered.)

General Overview of Course

Lectures by date and topics: (see the CS301 online text for specific reading assignments.)

Week of August 28: Technology, Information, and Innovation

Week of September 4: Disinformatics

Week of September 11: Information Technology and Democracy

Week of September 18: The World of Computing, Professional Ethics and You

  1. Lecture and readings relate directly to ABET Student Learning Outcome 4, above).
  2. Presentation Schedule should be available this week - check syllabus, below.

Week of September 25- Mid-Term Exam -Exam is "closed everything": e.g., "closed book," "closed notes," PDAs and computers turned off, cell phones off, etc. The detection of any mobile device in use will result in an exam grade of F. Make sure to confirm that you have the latest revision of the study guide.

Student Presentations Begin (Speakers: provide slides in handout form to instructor on your way to the lectern. USB port available on lectern computer. Attendance will be taken!)

Week of Oct 2- Student Presentations / written reports due

  1. section 1001 (Monday)
    1. Akhavan,Dorian
    2. Arambul,Ian Alejandro
    3. Arcales,Glenn David Montejo
    4. Arellano,Ashley Marie
  2. section 1003 (Tuesday)
    1. Alarcon,Jose
    2. Avalos-Morales,Alvaro
    3. Buchanan,Gerica A
    4. Carrillo,Blaise
  3. section 1002 (Wednesday)
    1. Andrus,Aviendha Victoria
    2. Arrechavala JR,Onasis
    3. Besitula,Jeremy Samuel
    4. Birney,Shaelyn Marie
    5. Casas,Nicholas Hugo

Week of Oct 9- Student Presentations / written reports due

  1. section 1001 (Monday)
    1. Ballesteros,Charles
    2. Benjegerdes,Bret Michael
    3. Bird,Brandon
    4. Bryant,Thomas
  2. section 1003 (Tuesday)
    1. De Santiago JR,Ramon
    2. Edwards,Zachary Todd
    3. Goldberg,Jagger
    4. LeFevre,Jakob Sterling
  3. section 1002 (Wednesday)
    1. Coronado,Brenda S
    2. Dao,Alice
    3. Delos Santos,Alistair Nikolas
    4. Dib,Joseph M
    5. Dino,Alec

Week of Oct 16

  1. section 1001 (Monday)
    1. Coe,Jaren Sabate
    2. Cozloff,Dylan Michael Kauila nui makeha ikal
    3. Damian,Adrian
    4. Erasmus,Sarel A
  2. section 1003 (Tuesday)
    1. Leifried,Cullen Richard
    2. Nguyen,Michael Duy
    3. Penrose,David James
    4. Phung,Bao
  3. section 1002 (Wednesday)
    1. Dones,Ernesto
    2. Elizondo,Austin
    4. Fenam,Hardy
    5. Hailu,Daniel

Week of Oct 23 - Student Presentations

  1. section 1001 (Monday)
    1. Fearn,Victor Andrew
    2. Gauthier,Taylor
    3. Haynes,Said
    4. Heo,Stella
  2. section 1003 (Tuesday)
    1. Reisenauer,Alan F
    2. Simpson,William
    3. Wright,Zachary Justin
  3. section 1002 (Wednesday)
    1. Issa,Sameer Mohamed
    2. Izadi,Arian Anthony
    3. Karawek,Chalinee
    4. Kinel,Kamila
    5. Lai,Stacey

Week of Oct 30- Student Presentations

  1. section 1001 (Monday)
    1. Hollingshead,Evan
    2. Jones,Braxton Joshua
    3. Kameda,Allison
    4. Kasbohm,Jacob Aeron
  2. section 1003 (Tuesday) - reserved for overflow & rescheduled presentations
    1. -
    2. -
    3. -
    4. -
  3. section 1002 (Wednesday)
    1. Levy,Daniel
    2. Liscano,Christopher Ray
    3. Luong,William Li
    4. Malik,Ayyan

Week of Nov 6 - Student Presentations

  1. section 1001 (Monday)
    1. La Rosa Diaz,Franklin
    2. Lee,Daniel
    3. Maceo,Hector
    4. Mariano,Patrick Aiken
  2. section 1003 (Tuesday) - no class
    1. -
  3. section 1002 (Wednesday)
    1. Mesa Rodriguez,Jasmin Esmeralda
    2. Metzger,James
    3. Milmeister,Jayden T
    4. Misherwan,Aarush

Week of Nov 13 - Student Presentations

  1. section 1001
    1. Martinez,Eric Daniel
    2. Mirpuri silva,Chandni
    3. Rosales,William Alexander
    4. Sachs,Dominick J
  2. section 1003 - no class
    1. -
  3. section 1002
    1. Moreno,gerhod
    2. Narciso,Markus
    3. Padilla,Chris
    4. Perez,Ramon

Week of Nov 20- Student Presentations

  1. section 1001
    1. Spencer,Jordan
    2. Sumaoang,Tiana Leilani
    3. Thompson,James
    4. Tolton,Cassandra Jean
  2. section 1003 - no class
    1. -
  3. section 1002
    1. Ramos,Kevin Pierce
    2. Ramsey,Erik Robert
    3. Rich,Omari Maurice
    4. Sagmani,John Elia

Week of Nov 27- Student Presentations

  1. section 1001
    1. Torres,Adrian
    2. Velardi-Bean,Adam Lee
    3. Wesoff,Elliot Joseph
    4. Youssouf,Samer
  2. section 1003 - no class
    1. -
  3. section 1002
    1. Tran,Tina
    2. Unite,Matthew
    3. Valdez,Anthony Mario
    4. Wylie,Zach

Week of Dec 4- Student Outcome Assessment, review of ACM Code of Ethics, and course review (Re: ABET Student Learning Outcome 4, above).